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Saturday, February 18, 2012

CICA Announces BPL 2012

Important update from CICA about BPL 2012:
We were informed that many players have not received the invite. We are resending the invite to all and also have some updates on registrations. Please forward this email to your friends, if they have not received this email.
· Registration date is extended to Friday 24th February.
· You still need to send an email to and for registration. You can bring in your $40 check to one of the following people to confirm your registration.
Check should be drawn in name of ‘CICA’. Please mention your name and email id on the back of the check.
Hemant Kagale/Rahul Zagade/Sachin Panaskar/Dinesh Dhandapani/Swapnil Raut.
Thank you!

Get ready for Bloomington Premier League II

Monday, June 27, 2011

CICA's Message to Captains about completing score-sheets

Following is the text from CICA's message to Captains about completing score sheets:

Please make sure that you complete the score sheet and it is neat and clean to understand. Also complete the coversheet with playing 11, who won and who was man of the match. It is both team’s captain duty to assure that score sheet is completed (check if batsman’s runs and extras are making up the exact total, Bowlers runs are making up the exact total). If we do not have the complete score sheet there will be no individual score entered for the match. if scorecards are incomplete/incorrect and teams didn’t fix it, it will be entered as it is and we will not entertain emails later asking for correction. It becomes double the work for the committee. So teams make sure scorecards are correct before you leave the ground on the game day. After completing the score sheet please make sure to keep the score sheet in score sheet box.   
If anyone wants to report a discrepancy in score card, that team’s captain can contact the committee with scanned/hard  copy of shore sheet.
Please try to follow these points while entering the score sheet:
  • Make sure that you write batting team and bowling team name on score sheet.
  • Check if batsman’s runs and extras are making up for the exact total. Bowlers runs are making up for the exact total
  • Sum up Batsman’s runs and balls. Sum up Bowlers stats.
  • Many a times run out is given as a wicket to bowler. When there is a run out, write RO and By in ‘How’ column, don’t write the bowlers name in bowler column. 
  • Please uses proper legends/acronyms while doing the scoring.
  • Wk :Wicket
  • RO: Run out
  • LB: Leg Bye
  • BY: Byes
  • NB: No Ball
  • WB: Wide Ball
Lets all make sure that we are filling out the score sheets due diligently!